Welcome to Kneading to Remember: Biography and Baking.

For me, recipes are the threads that connect me with relatives and friends who are or have been a significant part of my life. Have you gathered around with family members and remembered your grandmother’s cinnamon rolls or the cookies that your aunt made at Christmas? Or you may remember your friend’s mom making the best cake in the world, so good that you were jealous she was your friend’s mom and not yours. You are keeping traditions and people’s memories alive when you do that. You can do this because of a cookie that may not have been remarkable at all but that was made by such a remarkable person that you believed it was like gold or manna from heaven.

It is this transference of flavor and character and memory that I want to celebrate in this blog. I hope you will be inspired to share stories and recipes with me as well. Please click here to share a story and recipe. Together we can build and strengthen the memories of those who passed them along to us. So roll up your sleeves, dust a little flour on the counter, and let’s bake!