Submit your Recipe

I would love to hear a story from you. Do you associate certain baked goods with certain people, living or deceased? Does you heart fill when you see, taste, or smell that special treat? Perhaps you have a favorite baking recipe that has been in your family for years and is passed down to each generation. Perhaps it is a new recipe that you hope to leave as a legacy to the future generations. Whatever the case, I’d love to hear about it.

The more information that you can provide me, the better. Write a few paragraphs about the person who passed the recipe to you. Was it oral tradition or did you get a recipe card? Did the person actually teach you how to make the recipe in person? When was the recipe passed to you? Do you know when the recipe was given to the person who gave it to you? Where?

If I decide to include the recipe in my blog, I may reach out to you for more information to add life to my post. I may ask for photos of pages from cookbooks or of the recipe card stained with butter and cocoa or smudged with jelly or jam.

I have a bit of a detective side to me so if you remember a special treat from a special someone but don’t have the recipe to go with it, let me know. I will do some research and see if I can find something that matches your description.

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